WinCC OA on CentOS 8

HI there,

a short report on running WinCC OA (currently recommended version 3.16) on CentOS 8.

With some help of CERN Linux support, who kindly provided the necessary “compat-” libraries for testing we got WinCC OA 3.16 running on a CentOS 8 (virtualbox VM). Hence: technically it is possible, and we are working with Linux Support to have these necessary “compat” libraries (name libicu-50 and libwebp-4) available.

HOWEVER this absolutely does not mean (YET) that we support running WinCC OA 3.16 on CentOS 8 in any way - further validation efforts are necessary to achieve that.

For the time being, the recommended platform to run WinCC OA on Linux is CentOS 7

With the above “compat” libraries it may become technically possible to run WinCC OA 3.16 on other OSes, such as recent Fedora, yet this has not been tested yet (I will try to report back here once I get any result)

Piotr Golonka
CERN WinCC OA Service

Dear all,

we have an unsupported yet semi-official way of installing and running WinCC OA 3.16 on CentOS 8 now.
The procedure for the brave ones is at[NEW!]

Note that NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER is given on this platform at the moment. This may change once the need to upgrade to CentOS8 in production systems will become apparent - formal validation effort will only be triggered then.

The repo with the compatibility packages may actually work also for other Linux distributions (Fedora?) with no guarantee. Still, I would be interested in your experience here - leave comments under this post

with kind regards
Piotr Golonka
CERN WinCC OA Service