Installing other Linux distributions from within the CERN network

It is now possible to install other non-CERN supported Linux distributions when booting from your network device at CERN. Please be aware that this process involves an external service ( which we do not control nor officially support, so use it at your own discretion. It includes a huge collection of distributions as well as some utilities that you can use through PXE.

Using this external service involves the following steps:

  1. Select “Other Operating Systems (Unsupported, External)” from the Network installation menu: n1

  2. Select the desired tool or refer to “Linux network installs” for a network installation of your favourite Linux distribution:

  3. Select your favourite distro from the Linux Installers menu:

This will bring you to a list of releases of the chosen distro, for example for Ubuntu that would be:

Once you have selected your release that will bring you to the standard set of installation menus for that chosen release.


That’s utterly awesome!

super, thanks a lot!!!

*xyz TLD is now blocked by CERN’s Security hence this option is currently not working until further notice.

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.xyz TLD is unblocked again, hence this feature will work again.