Installing AlmaLinux9.1 from network boot: 'Local' users created, not LDAP (afs,eos)

When installing AlmaLinux9.1 from the network boot on a PC at CERN, I’ve noticed that the accounts for the ‘responsible’ and the ‘main user’ are created as local accounts, not their LDAP home directory. I presume this is as the ‘-d’ option has been missed out from ‘useraddcern’ in the setup scripts. As explained in:
Knowledge Base - CERN Service Portal: easy access to services at CERN
So I’ve had to do ‘userdel’, and remove the home directories, then ‘useraddcern -d’ so everything is in order.
If one of the responsibles is reading this, please have a look and fix this, to avoid confusion for future installers and users.