CERN Recipes for Ubuntu users

There is a set of recipes on how to use Ubuntu at CERN in the internet. You can find guidelines on:

Users of this forum are encouraged to shared their sources of documentation by means of posts like this one.


Thanks for this, Manuel!

Any idea how one can install the CERNbox client on Ubunut? I’ve managed to successfully upgrade from 18.04 with the client already installed, but cannot install it at home on a machine that is on 19.10.


The instructions to install CERNBox in Ubuntu are available at:


Oh, they just added support for recent versions a few days ago! I couldn’t install it late last year. Thanks for pointing me to the link.

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Hey Manuel. I seem to be having trouble installing CERNBox on my Linux Mint computer. The version I’m currently using is based on Ubuntu 20.04 so I thought those Ubuntu packages would work, but they don’t. Is there a way I could still install CERNBox on my computer? For some reason, accessing it through lxplus is very slow.

Have you followed instructions at: CERNBOX for Ubuntu 20.04 ?